Right of Way Acquisition Activities

Permits to Enter

Pre-acquisition activities may require environmental or other testing on private property. In these cases, kw+a works with property owners to obtain permission for access to the property to conduct testing related to project construction at the site.

Full and Part-Take Acquisitions

We are experienced in preparing  “first written offer packages” to present to a property owner for purchase of property rights. This may involve a partial fee take, permanent and/or temporary easement rights, or acquisition of the entire parcel. We use our negotiating skills to obtain the rights required within the project timelines wherever possible.

Leasehold Interests

We work with business and/or residential occupants to acquire any possessory rights they may hold in a property in addition to those held by the property owner. This may require a Quitclaim deed from the leasehold interest and/or a tenant’s consent document releasing any interest they may have in the property rights being acquired.