Relocation Assistance Services

kw+a is experienced in providing full relocation assistance services to residential and business occupants displaced by public works projects. This includes advisory services, property referrals, completion of claims forms and moving assistance. We also assist in the relocation appeals process and prepare draft appeal procedures for public agency clients.

Relocation Cost Estimates

We provide relocation cost estimates for public agency planning purposes. We research available rental and sales markets, conduct interviews with occupants and field review the property. The end result is short narrative report with an estimate for the range of actual costs.


Replacement Housing Valuation Reports

We prepare replacement housing valuation reports used for calculating relocation benefits for displaced residential occupants.


Relocation Planning

We have a wide range of experience in all aspects of relocation assistance work including preparation of relocation plans for both State and Federally funded projects subject to HCD, HUD, Caltrans or FAA review. The relocation planning document provides agencies with an estimate of costs and the nature and level of potential displacement on a planned project.


Relocation Assistance

We are experienced in providing services to a cross-section of businesses. We have worked with retail businesses, light industrial operations, heavy industrial sites, automobile operations, dentistry offices, medical offices, environmental engineering companies, office complexes, apartment complexes, single-family residences, and mobile home parks. We are fully conversant with State and Federal laws and we ensure that all services comply with the appropriate relocation assistance regulations and guidelines.